10 Tips to Make Perfect Waffle Recipe for Dinner

10 Tips to Make Perfect Waffle Recipe for Dinner

Waffle recipe for dinner is actually a nice thing to know, remembering waffle is only eaten for the breakfast and brunch. It is not impossible to put this sweet and crunchy meal for your dinner or probably you need snack before bed. Even though some people will not suggest waffle for night snack before bed, you still can eat this especially if you make the waffle in your kitchen and you know exactly what you put in it.

These tips that will be written in this article are only working for American-style waffle, since it is crunchy and outside and tender inside. The perfect waffle for American-style is the one with crisp and brown in the outside but tender, light, fluffy, airy, and moist on the inside. You should give these tips a shot because it will work for almost all recipes for waffle, as long as you stick with the American-style though. So, check this out.

Waffle maker comes with instruction
The first step to make a perfect waffle is by respecting the waffle maker in the first place. A waffle maker comes with the manual for each unit. You have to read it thoroughly before using it later. Basically, the waffle makers are different from one another and of course, it is designed to make waffle in different way from one another as well. Even though some people told you that it is better to spray the waffle maker with cooking spray, it is still the best step to read the instruction in case there is different advice for your machine. And if you have this cooking spray from over 5 years ago, it is better if you do not use cooking spray to coat the waffle maker.

Non-stick for the batter
Basically it is always possible in the waffle recipe for dinner to stick on the waffle maker. It is due to the amount of butter or oil in you put in the batter. The right batter will make it no sticky at all. So, you should watch the amount of the butter or oil. If the batter is stick on the waffle maker, you better add more oil or butter. The American-style waffle tends to be crispy, not yeasty. The batter should be non-stick though.

Yolks and the egg whites should be separated
As we have said in the earlier paragraph, the interior part of waffle should be fluffy and light. In order to gain that interior look and sensation, it is important for you to separate the eggs. The yolks should be added in the wet ingredients of the waffle. After the wet batter is done, you can put the egg whites on it until it forms something like stiff peaks. And then you can use spatula for mixing the egg whites in the final batter. If you did not separate the eggs, the result will not be as you wish anyway.

Do not do violent-mixing
Well, the batter of waffle is characterized as tricky. In order to make a perfect waffle, the batter should be very smooth enough to go down freely on the waffle plate, but still, it should be over-mixed as well. The over-mixing batter will make the gluten appear from the form of the flour. It will produce the terrible texture which is not fluffy and it is also chewier.

This is why you should be patience and gentle when mixing the batter. Spatula or spoon made of rubber is highly recommended. Mix the wet ingredients and dry ingredients on the separated place before you mix all ingredients in a place. Basically, the batter is kind of having a very tiny yet breakable thing in it and you definitely do not want to break them. So, you should put your gentle and patience to mix the waffle batter. Probably you will also need extra minutes in order to make the batter smooth thoroughly.

No buttermilk is fine
Well you will find buttermilk in almost all interesting waffle recipe for dinner. And unfortunately, the buttermilk is not regular ingredient so some people do not put the buttermilk in their kitchen. Just milk can be a nice replacement. But probably you will get a little bit different texture since you change the ingredient after all, even though it is still fine. But if you really want to have the same texture as the buttermilk can do, you can put a tablespoon of lemon juice or vinegar into a cup of milk. It is an easy substitution yet inexpensive though. Ingredient with acidic touch will give curdle on the milk. You can leave it for 15 minutes before mix the milk into the batter. Lemon juice is better and more preferable.

Follow what the waffle maker said
To make sure that the waffle is on, you should follow the rule or listen to what the maker said. You can always see the light indicator or hear the “beep” sound though. If you get the waffle sticks on the plate, you should not lift the lid too soon because it will be ripped.

Waffle’s natural kitchen timer
If unfortunately the waffle maker does not have the indicator that shows it is done, you can see the steam that comes out from your cook. It the steam stops to show up, you can lift the lid because it seems like the waffle is done. Even though it is not so perfect, at least it is well-done. From our experiment, by using this method will give result 8 out of 10 in case of the doneness level.

No mess is best
It is important to clean the waffle maker as soon as it is cooled. By cleaning the maker as soon as possible, it can guarantee you that the next time you will be easier to make the waffle since anything inside the maker is already clean rather than you wait until tomorrow. Well, the cleanness is also determining the perfect result of waffle recipe for dinner.

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