How to Make American Waffle Recipe

How to Make American Waffle Recipe

American waffle recipe is mostly known about the crisp and crunch on the outside but sweet and soft on the inside. And based on several traditional recipes for waffle with these requirements seem like it is a bit difficult to serve crisp and crunch yet light and airy waffle at the same time. Well, in this article we will show you about how to make a perfect waffle in American style. But first of all, you should own a waffle iron or a waffle maker. The cleanness of the waffle iron or maker is really important. You better clean them right away after it gets cool down or it will be harder to be cleaned up though.

The basic American waffle recipe
As we have said earlier, this recipe is a bit difficult since it requires crunch and crisp on the outside yet airy, light, and fluffy on the inside. The fact is every time I try to make one, it looked great but limp and damp. It is also a bad idea to serve that kind of waffle to friends. Even though I try so many recipes that said it can make a perfect waffle, I always got the same waffle which is less than the expectation. Why is it so hard to make the waffle stay crisp and light till the last bite? Well, then I did several sampling of recipes in order to prove something here. I did an experiment to my waffle recipe in order to get the proper texture both for outside and inside.

It can be touted that the recipe for a perfect waffle does never exist in every cookbook, at least that what I read from my cookbooks. So, this is why I did the developing of recipe that full of experiment though. And the result is not disappointing anyway.

The secret of crispness and lightness and stability

Actually there is no unusual ingredient in this American waffle recipe. You find all of it in the market anyway. But the secret of crispness can be gained by using cornstarch along with the flour. Even though it seems like out of place for a recipe of waffle, but you probably never realize that this is the key role. Just make sure that you make a great collaboration of flour and cornstarch in order to create the crispness on the inside of the waffle but smooth and fluffy on the inside. You should try it anyway.

The other plot twist is the egg. Some people would refer to mix the egg whites and the yolk because it does not matter. But actually it really does matter to separate the yolks from the egg whites anyway. If you separate the yolk from the egg white and put the egg white later for the final batter, the waffle will be lighter on the inside as well as more airy. Other than that, the waffle appears to be more tender and taller than if you mix the yolk and the egg at the same time. The perfect waffle is one that well-browned and this method can make very nice brown of waffle.

Sugar is one of the ingredients to make a waffle. It is better to mix the sugar with the dry ingredients rather than the wet ingredients. But if you want to put the sugar in the wet ingredients, it is better to put the egg whites for the final batter as well. By mixing the egg whites along with sugar will give you two things. First, egg whites help to improve the longevity of the batter and stabilize it as well. Second, the existence of the sugar make the egg whites become softer. It also makes the folding part becomes easier as well.

Thinner is better
In case you want to make waffle with crisp on the outside, you better maintain the thinner batter. In order to get this texture, I replaced the solid fat (butter or shortening) with vegetable oil. It gives more crisps for the waffle anyway. In this case, more vegetable oil will make better waffle too. Six tablespoons of vegetable oil will be great for five recipes of American waffle.

Buttermilk is also one of the ingredients that make the better texture and also add the tasteful flavor. But actually there are facts that probably you did not know yet. Buttermilk gives wonderful flavor but it makes the batter sticky and it also decrease the crispness of the waffle. Milk itself is great in making crisp for the waffle but you have to sacrifice the flavor a little bit. In order to get tasteful flavor yet crisp texture, it is better to use both milk and buttermilk for waffle batter.

Vanilla extract will be the best option for additional flavor. If you add the vanilla extract in the batter, you will not need the butter or syrup anymore for enjoying American waffle recipe.

Quick tips for making waffle
Well, you definitely nonstick surface to make waffle. But still, it is better to grease the water irons especially if this is the new one and you just use it for the first time as well. You can spread the cooking spray or pastry brush or even vegetable shortening on the surface of waffle iron.

The utensils also need to be prepared. Using utensils made of rubber or wood are highly recommended in order to keep and maintain the performance of nonstick surface anyway. Metal should be out of the list.

If you are using smallest waffle iron, you can start with a half cup of batter. But if you have the bigger waffle iron, 2/3 of batter can be put on it for the starter. You can increase the batter in order to fill out the waffles as long as necessary.

It is important to see the light indicator or waiting for the maker sounds beeping before you open the waffle iron. If there is no indicator light, you better see the steam. The steam can be the indicator if the waffle is ready or not based on American waffle recipe.

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