Black-Decker for Messy Free Waffles

Black-Decker for Messy Free Waffles

No one wants their kitchen to be messy, but all people would love to enjoy delicious home made waffles. Black-Decker offers you the WM700R waffle maker for the best solution. Black-Decker manufactures their product with special design to keep your kitchen clean. It is also a great waffle maker for any maroon and red lovers.

Product description

This Black-Decker waffle make offers great design for mess free kitchen. It comes with 7 inch cooking plate for the best size of classic round waffles. This cooking plates has non stick coated surface. Of course it makes us easily lift the waffle when it is done and easy to clean. As they promo te mess free waffle cooking, the cooking plates come with excellent cooking plates. The cooking plates have extra deep grids. The deep grids prevent the batter to split. Still about the cooking plates, we can take out the cooking plates. It makes us easier to wash the cooking plates in our kitchen sink.

Not only about the cooking plates, this waffle maker also comes with great safety features. it has cool touch handle so we can hold the waffle maker even when we are cooking. The waffle maker also has built in cord wrap to prevent damage. This wrap also helps us store this cool waffle maker in the kitchen storage.

Like the other waffle maker, this waffle maker also comes with standardized features. It has two LED indicator lights. One light works to tell you when the waffle maker is ready to use after the preheatting. The other light works to tell you when the waffle is done.

Costumers’ reviews

With all features the costumers rate the product with 4.5 out of 5 stars. It means, most costumers think that this waffle maker is quite perfect. There are more pros than cons about the product. All costumers seem to be very happy with its cooking plate design. The special design of the cooking plates is not only mess free, but also leaves a little gap so we can add extra topping if we want. Though it is just a waffle maker, some people even use it to make toast and press sandwich.

The safety system is also great, besides we can hold the handle while cooking the waffle maker also has great locking system. The color is also another good point for some people. The maroon color would decorate the kitchen very well. For some people it can be the best part of the their kitchen. For some people this waffle maker is even perfect because it can be a perfect waffle maker to bake fluffy waffle.

The only cons of this product maybe the non beeping alarm. It has two indicator LED lights to tell us when the waffle maker is ready to use and when the waffle is done. For some people the wrapping part get another minus point. It makes the waffle maker a little bit bigger so this maroon waffle maker takes extra space.

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