Classic Waffles with Keyboard Look

Classic Waffles with Keyboard Look

A lot of people say that electric waffle maker bakes different kind of waffles. But, eating classic waffle with similar shape and texture every day can be really boring. For you who loves classic waffles, you can try the Messy Desk Design waffle maker can be a great choice of old fashioned waffle makers.

About the keyboard waffle maker

The Messy Desk Design, LLC designs this product as a special waffle maker. It is a traditional waffle iron that is manufactured with excellent design. Different from the other waffle maker that is made of iron or manufactured with non stick coated surface, this waffle maker is made of aluminum. The material makes it possible for us lift the waffle when it is done. Aluminum is different from iron, it will be   less sticky than iron.

The best part about this waffle iron is the keyboard design. This waffle maker comes with complete waffle looks. It can be very cute to enjoy a piece of waffle in form of keyboard in our plate. Since it is a traditional waffle iron, it has no special feature. But, it is much simpler than any electric waffle makers. We can always store this waffle iron in any place. How about the safety features? It has cool-touch handle! It is perfect. We can always hold waffle iron while cooking without worrying about this waffle iron. It is a safe and traditional waffle iron.

Strengths and weaknesses

Just like any other product, this product also has its strengths and weaknesses. As a traditional waffle iron, it is rated 5 out of 5 stars by its costumers. Yes, it is a perfect waffle maker. Since it comes with aluminum material, we do not need too much time to pre heat the waffle iron. It is almost just some seconds before it is ready to use. The aluminum material also makes the waffle maker easier to clean and lift out the waffle.

Another great point is its cool-touch. It makes us easier  to hold the waffle maker. It makes us easier to hold and rotate the waffle iron during cooking to make sure all the batter cooked evenly. Since it is an old fashioned waffle iron, we do not have to worry about breaking the waffle iron.

The only weakness of this waffle iron is just for people who cannot cook waffle manually, this traditional waffle iron may not be the best waffle iron. We have to be able to measure the batter, the temperature, and even the waffle is done. Since it has keyboard form, people who cannot cook waffle manually will find this traditional waffle maker is much more difficult to use.

But still, this waffle maker is still perfect as a classic and traditional waffle maker. Not only the design, the material is also the best part. With aluminum, it is much easier for use to bake both fluffy and crispy waffle. The bottom line is that we can make keyboard waffle quickly since the waffle iron is much quickly to heat up.

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