Cuisinart for Classic Waffle Lovers

Cuisinart for Classic Waffle Lovers

A round classic waffle can be the best menu for breakfast or snack time. However, nobody wants to spend so much time to make perfect classic waffles, especially in the morning. To answer your need, Cuisinart comes with their WMR-C Classic Round Waffle Maker series. This product is manufactured for all people who love round classic waffles.

A modern and classic blend

The best description about this Cuisinart waffle maker is a blend of modern and classic. Cuisinart comes with specific features to get you classic waffle with practical making process. It has dual light indicator to tells you whether the waffle iron is ready to use and to tell you when the waffle is done. Like the classic waffles that may come with different browning level to create different texture and taste, this waffle iron is designed with five setting for five different browning controls.

We just need to choose one browning level to cook our waffles. Just like most electric waffle makers, this Cuisinart waffle maker also has nonstick surface for the cooking plates. The nonstick surface allows us to cook both soft and crispy waffles easily for the batter will not stick to the plates even when we apply less butter or oil to the cooking plates.

Though the waffle iron offers you classic waffle taste and texture, it is designed with modern look. The exterior part of the waffle maker comes with silver stainless steel and simple locking system. The modern design makes this round waffle maker easy to store and go with various kind of kitchen style. It is also big enough to hold more batter. The round dimension has 10 x 8 x 4.2 inch size, so you can easily keep it in a small space storage after cooking.

What people say

Most costumers seem to be satisfied with this Cuisinart waffle iron. It gets 4.1 out 5 stars for the rating.  The best part about this waffle maker is the cooking features that get us a perfect and large round classic waffle quickly. The heating elements would keep the best temperature to cook classic waffles with soft texture inside and golden and crispy texture on its surface.

For people who have no experience at making waffle, the Cuisinart waffle iron would be very helpful. The light indicators are very helpful. We just need to heat up the waffle maker before using and wait until the light indicator turns on then again we just need to look at the other light indicator to tell us whether the waffle is done. Most people are also satisfied with this product for it is easy to clean and to store.

The main weakness of the product is that some costumers found the product just stops working. The costumers who found their waffle iron stops working do not really know why it suddenly does not work. Most of them found the product stops working after more than one year using. Fortunately, Cuisinart offers us three year terms for their warranty waffle maker.

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