Cuisinart WAF 300 Belgian waffle maker with pancakes plates Reviews

Cuisinart WAF 300 Belgian waffle maker with pancakes plates Reviews

CR-Gift-Guide-II-Cuisinart-Breakfast-Central-10-15An opinion:
The Cuisinart WAF 300 Belgian waffle maker with pancakes plates is one of the hottest kitchen appliances going around. The unit is easy to use, energy efficient and also incorporates four slots for baking pancakes also. The price is affordable, and people who have purchased it have bestowed lots of praises towards its manufacturers.


  1. The price of the Cuisinart WAF 300 Belgian waffle maker with pancakes plates is extremely cost effective in nature
  2. There is about six temperature controlling systems
  3. You get a recipe book free
  4. The baking surface is coated with ceramic and is non-sticky.
  5. The unit has been checked as per electricity regulations and has been termed to be adequate.
  6. It is easy to accommodate
  7. The design is great in its looks
  8. The unit has a four slot Belgian waffle plate and four slots for baking pancakes


  1. There are some who have pointed out that after a few months the baking plate sticks on to the waffle batter and makes it all messy.
  2. The unit also heats up very quickly and a result many have said to fry their hands while working with it.
  3. Some have also said that they tried their heart out to make their waffles crispy, but the unit repeatedly failed to do so.

This high-tech waffle maker is loaded with plenty of features. It comprises of light indicators and hearable alert which will tell you when your waffle baked to perfection. There is also a thermostat to measure the temperature and a non-stick baking surface. The unit also comprises a browning feature which assists you to get the kind of waffle color and texture which you want to. The main motive of the company is to serve their exclusive customers in the best possible manner and with this highly functional waffle maker: they have managed to bring about a smile on most of them.

The unit does have a well-furnished look. It is not something which will overwhelm you, but its simplistic appearance does leave a mark in the eyes of the purchasers. The makers have managed to strike a perfect balance between style and intricacy and it is because of it that the unit is versatile in nature.


The unit is very sturdy in its making. The stainless steel is what mainly gives it that durability and enables it to resist dust, moisture and also scratches. Cuisinart units are always sturdy and known for their longevity, and this one is also very adept in its toughness.

The unit is great in all its aspects. There is simply nothing to complain about. Some of the extra things which need to be mentioned about this unit are that the weight is just 8.2 pounds, thereby making it very portable. The dimension of the unit is 9.7x 12.2x 6.3 inches.

Warranty and repairs:
The Cuisinart WAF-300 Belgian Waffle maker comes with a year of warranty and with that they also provide a 24*7 accessible customer care service. This is great as if you do face any issues or have questions you can contact their representatives without fuss. It is because of this customer care service which allows you to use up that warranty in case your waffle maker malfunction.

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