How to Make Delicious Chocolate Waffle

How to Make Delicious Chocolate Waffle

Do you like waffle? You have to know about chocolate waffle recipe. Waffle is popular cake that is so delicious and can be modified as your desire. A modified waffle is chocolate waffle. Chocolate waffle is so delicious and can be served as breakfast menu. For you who want to make chocolate waffle, read some recipes below to make delicious chocolate waffle for you and your family.

Recipe 1: Chocolate Waffle with Chocolate Sauce



As explained above, waffle is so popular and every people can modify it. When you want to make chocolate waffle, you can also modify it based on your desire. There is a recipe of chocolate waffle and can be made so easily. This recipe is so delicious to be served as your snack in the afternoon. When you are very hungry and thirsty, you can eat this waffle. Here the details of recipe for you.

Ingredients for making Chocolate Waffle

  • Salt (1/4 tsp)
  • Baking powder (1 tsp)
  • Egg whites (2), beat
  • Egg yolks (4)
  • Chocolate powder (25 gram)
  • Melted butter (50 gram)
  • White sugar (100 gram)
  • All-purpose flour (200 gram)
  • Warm milk (300 ml)

Ingredients for Making Chocolate Sauce

  • Egg yolk (1)
  • Cornstarch (1 ½ tbsp)
  • Chocolate powder (30 gram)
  • Heavy cream (50 ml)
  • White sugar (100 gram)
  • Warm milk (100 ml)

How to Make Chocolate Sauce

Before making chocolate waffle, you are better to prepare chocolate sauce to be placed above the chocolate waffle and make your chocolate waffle become so perfect. Here the simple steps for making chocolate sauce:

  • Boiling all the ingredients of chocolate sauce, except egg yolks and heavy cream. Stir the ingredients until it mix well and smooth.
  • Add egg yolks and heavy cream. Stir it with all ingredients, wait until the sauce cooked.
  • When the sauce cooked, pour it into the bowl, and let it become coolbefore serving with chocolate waffle.

How to Make Chocolate Waffle

After making chocolate sauce, the next step you have to do is making chocolate waffle. Making chocolate waffle is so simple and easy. Here the steps you can follow:

  • Prepare two large bowls, and preheat the waffle iron as your desired degree.
  • In the first large bowl, pour white sugar, baking powder, chocolate powder, and all-purpose flour. Stir it all until the mixture so smooth.
  • Add egg yolks and warm milk, stir it until it mix so well with other ingredients.
  • Add melted butter, and stir it until smooth.
  • In the separate bowl, beat the egg whites until smooth. Then, add it to the mixture in the first large bowl. Stir it until the mixture so smooth.
  • Rest the batter for 15 minutes, until the batter cool.
  • Brush butter or non-stickycooking spray to the waffle iron to make you easy when cooking your chocolate waffle. Then, ladle your chocolate batter into the waffle iron, and let it well-cooked. When it looks brown and crisp, you can remove it from waffle iron and serve it in a plate.
  • To make it become so good looking and delicious, you can add ice cream and strawberry above the waffle.
  • Place the chocolate sauce above the waffle, and your chocolate waffle is ready to eat.

Recipe 2: Chocolate Waffle with Blueberry Sauce


In the first recipe, we have learned how to make chocolate waffle with chocolate sauce. And now, let’s we learn how to make chocolate sauce with blueberry sauce. Actually, chocolate waffle not only matches with chocolate sauce, but it also matches so well with other delicious sauces, such as blueberry sauce. For you who want to try making delicious waffle sauce with unique and tasteful sauce, you have to try making chocolate waffle with blueberry sauce. Here the details of recipe for you.

Ingredients for Making Chocolate Waffle

  • Warm milk (300 ml)
  • Egg yolks (2), beat
  • Chocolate paste (1/8 tsp)
  • Butter (1 tbsp)
  • All-purpose flour (200 gram)
  • Chocolate powder (25 gram)
  • Salt (1/2 tsp)
  • Egg whites (2)
  • White sugar (1 tbsp)
  • Baking powder (1 tsp)
  • Softened sugar (4 tsp)

Ingredients for Blueberry Sauce

  • Lemon juice (2 tsp)
  • Cornstarch (1/2 tbsp, mix it with1/2 tbsp of water)
  • 2 drops of purple dye
  • Blueberry jam (150 gram)
  • Water (100 ml)
  • White sugar (1 tbsp)

Supplementary Ingredient

  • Vanilla ice cream (250 gram)

How to Make Chocolate Waffle with Blueberry Sauce

After preparing the ingredients, here the steps you can follow to make delicious chocolate waffle with blueberry sauce:

  • Sieve chocolate powder, all-purpose flour and baking powder. Add white sugar, and stir it all until mix so well, then pour warm milk and stir it until smooth and spread evenly.
  • Add chocolate paste and egg yolks. Stir it and add melted butter and salt. Stir it all until the mixture is so smooth.
  • Inthe separate bowl, beat egg whites, and add softened white sugar. Beat it until smooth and swell.
  • Pour the mixture of egg whites and sugar to the mixture in the first bowl. Stir it until smooth.
  • Preheat waffle iron and brush butter or non-sticky cooking spray tothe waffle iron to make waffle can be cooked easily.
  • Ladle the batter of waffle, and cook it until brown and crisp.
  • To make blueberry sauce, cook blueberry jam, white sugar, water and purple dye. Then, add cornstarchand lemon juice. Stir it for 5 minutes, and then remove it.
  • Serve chocolate waffle with vanilla ice cream and blueberry sauce. You can add ice cream first, and then pour the blueberry sauce above waffle and icecream. Then, your chocolate waffle with blueberry sauce is ready to be eaten by you and your family.

Well, those are some recipes of chocolate waffle for you. The recipes are so simple and easy to be tried at home. So, you can follow the recipe above immediately. Finally, hopefully some chocolate waffle recipe above will be useful for you, especially for you who want to modify waffle recipe.

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