The Easiest Way to Make Waffle for Breakfast

The Easiest Way to Make Waffle for Breakfast

Eating golden crispy waffle for breakfast is a lovely way to start the day. You may have great recipes from various sources but if you do not have waffle maker, you won’t be able to provide waffle for your family member. There is good waffle maker which you can purchase from Amazon. It is Vivitar Appliance 2 Square Waffle Maker that will help you serves the family member with delicious waffle. You can make 2 square waffles every morning just in short times. Another good news is this waffle maker is friendly to your budget. That is the reason why I recommended this kitchen appliance for you to buy.

This waffle maker is one of kitchen products from Vivitar brand. If you love with Belgian waffle which has the square shape, this waffle maker is the best choice for you to have. You can make two big square waffles from this waffle iron. The sections cubes from each square are deep enough so it is guaranteed that the waffles you make would thick and fluffy.

It has indicator on and off lights that will tell you when the good time to pour the batter. Even though you got the wrong measurement for the batter you still can get waffles with nice colors which are the golden-brown on both sides of waffles. The indicator light also have an ability to tell you when the waffles are done. It saves you from breaking the waffles because you lift the lid at the wrong time.

This electric waffle maker have special feature of thermos controlled that will spread the heat evenly across both sides of aluminum cooking plates. The exterior is made from plastic and it stays cool to touch even when it cooks the waffles. It is also has a handle latch. The risk of getting burn by touching it would be low. So it will be safe to put this appliances on the kitchen countertop.

The interior is made from non-stick material. Because of it, the waffles will easily release from the cooking plates without you have to scrape out the waffles when they are done. The non-stick material also make easy the cleaning job. With only damp cloth, the cooking plates will look like it is new.

If you have small kitchen with limited storage, don’t be worried. This waffle maker can stand upright. Thus you can slip it in small space, behind the box of cereals may be. This waffle maker is considered low price because you can get it from Amazon only with $30. There are some sellers that would give you discount. Thus there is a chance you will get this amazing waffle iron in half of the original price.

The weight of Vivitar Appliance 2 Square Waffle Maker is only 3.5 pound. Make it easy to move it from one place to another and also it saves you more money from additional shipping fees. So what are you waiting for? Purchase this amazing waffle makers and create a memorable breakfast moment with your family.

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