Flip-side Belgian waffle maker

Flip-side Belgian waffle maker

belgian waffle makerAn opinion:

When you talk about Presto, it is, without a doubt, one of the top kitchen appliance manufacturers around. The company is well known all around mainly for its stunning designs and craftsmanship. The classic shapes, as well as the durable nature of the 03510 flip-side Belgian waffle maker, will make the appliance a nice addition to your kitchen interior. The unit is also very appealing to the eyes and incorporates all the latest features as well as requirements which you want. The unit has a non-sticky surface and is also very easy to clean and manage. There are plenty of similar units being traded in both the genres of the market but very few have been able to get a notice like this one. Flip-side Belgian waffle maker


  1. The device enables you to make thick Belgian waffles perfect every time
  2. The waffle iron is superb and functions superbly.
  3. The unit is very easy to handle and works with
  4. The Presto 03510 flip-side Belgian Waffle maker is also very easy to clean and maintain
  5. The storage is a breeze and you will love the fact that the unit folds and also locks itself in anupright posture.
  6. The unit timer is a great addition, and the steam stoppage mode prevents over cooking the waffles.
  7. The price of the unit is also very pocket-friendly
  8. On purchase of the unit, you will also get a one year warranty

The disadvantages:

  1. There are some that have stated that as per the manual and the review, the plates do not seem to be that nonsticky.
  2. The waffles are also cooked unevenly- is what a few people complain.
  3. Some users have also stated that the design of the unit has a flaw.

The manufacturers of the Presto 03510 flip-side Belgian Waffle maker has tried to include all the important features which assist their users to make yummy and perfect waffles. They also have made sure that the unit is easy to set up and also that it is easy to use. They have given an extra grid enabling users to bake a beautiful seven-inch diameter waffle with four easily sliceable sections. The unit also comprises a double function base which ensures proper rotation for baking. The countdown signal informs you when the waffle is complete.


The style of the unit is state of the art. Presto has always known for designing alluring devices and contraptions with mind blowing features, and this one is a great example. The color is black and will go well with any kitchen interior

The durability:
The unit is also very durable. The materials which are used are sturdy and on proper usage will withstand for a long period. The brushed stainless steel exterior is one of its strong points.

The unit is very smooth in its handling and enables you to make properly shaped waffles without any issues. The unit flips at 180 degrees to cook all the sides properly making them crisp inside outside and tender inside. The dimension of the unit is 12x12x3 inches. The weight of the unit is 6 pounds.

Warranty and repair:
The unit comes with a one year warranty and with a great customer care help desk. This makes it easier for you to claim the warranty later on.

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