George Foreman: A Multi-Function Waffle Maker for Everyone

George Foreman: A Multi-Function Waffle Maker for Everyone

A multi-function waffle maker can be a great solution to provide your kitchen less number of cooking utensils without making your kitchen performs less function. George Foreman comes with the GRP4842R 3-in-1 multi-plate evolve electric grill. It is a multi-function grilling utensil that can be very helpful for your kitchen.

About the George Foreman waffle maker

Basically George Foreman offers you three functions in one place. It can be used to press, grill, and to cook waffles. It comes with special designs like a large grid for cooking waffle. Some people think that it is impossible to cook waffle in a multi-function electrical pan, but this George Foreman offers a great solution.

Their product has adjustable cooking. This feature makes us possible to grill food as well as adjust the angle to bake or make waffle. The hinge is also adjustable. It has 1 inch dept that makes you possible to cook crispy waffles or even use the same utensil to bake mini muffin. The best part of this George Foreman product is its digital cooking panel. This digital panels shows us the time, temperature, and the cooking setting. We can set the device to heat up the food in between 325 – 500 degrees.

Great for waffles?

815+jEMSSnL._SL1500_Based on the costumers’ reviews this George Foreman appliance is indeed a perfect electrical device to grill. But, is it a great appliance for cooking waffles? It can be a great waffle maker, especially if you want a big size and crispy waffle. George Foreman comes with 75 square inches cooking surface.

With this size we can cook 5 serving fresh waffles at one time. Since it has adjustable angle, we can always adjust the batter inside the appliance, so we can cook the waffle longer without burning it. The best part that support us to cook waffle is the removable plate. We can always replace the plate with waffle plate or iron. So, it can be a great multi-function waffle maker.

Pros and cons

Most costumers agree that the product is indeed a great appliance. The best part about the product is indeed its multi-function. We can cook various kind of food. It can be a great appliance to cook crispy waffles since we can add extra oil to cook crispy waffles. The structure of the waffle make it possible to add extra oil without make the waffles too oily.

The oil would flow to the side part of the plates. It is even able to reduce the fat up to 42% fat when we are grilling the food with this appliance. However, it cannot be a perfect waffle maker for it heats up more quickly than general waffle makers. Another great point about this George Foreman waffle maker  is its practicality. The removable plates make us possible to just soak the plates to water after cooking. The exterior design of the appliance is also quite attractive. It comes with simple design in red colors. The simple design makes it go with various kid of kitchen interior theme.

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