Some Helpful Tips and Ideas of the Yummy yet Healthier Low Calorie Waffle Recipe

Some Helpful Tips and Ideas of the Yummy yet Healthier Low Calorie Waffle Recipe

Getting the Low Calorie Waffle Recipe might be a good idea for any of you who are still on diet and still want to enjoy the yummy yet simple waffle as your breakfast. Of course, there are so many ideas of the waffle recipe which we can simply try or even that we have tried.

However, sometimes we often feel guilty after enjoying a lot of waffle or pancake for breakfast. That is especially if you are interested in losing your weight and is on diet. It is also great if you want to get the healthier lifestyle. The low calorie waffle will be such a god idea for you to try and enjoy as your breakfast or even afternoon snack. Sure, actually pancake and waffle is almost the same.

The batter is interchangeable. The difference is only on the shape and also serving. So, if you have the pancake recipe which is healthy yet yummy, you can also use the batter from the recipe to make the waffle. It is a good idea for you to try. The low calorie waffle can still be made properly to get the best taste. The key is to have the great willing and endeavour for having the healthier and better lifestyle for the better health and even the better body shape.

The low calorie of the pancake and also waffle can actually be simply obtained from choosing the right topping. It is a good idea for avoiding the high calorie topping as like the chocolate spread, syrup, jam, ice cream, sugar, and so on. The toppings of your waffle or pancake can be chosen in the healthier options, as like fresh fruits, yoghurt, raw honey, and many others.

You can also choose the low calorie savoury toppings for your waffle or the pancake. Some ideas are by choosing the boiling egg, sausage, roasted almond, and many others. Those can be some of the ideas for getting the low calorie waffle or pancake for your breakfast.

That will be such a good idea for you as well to find the ideas for getting the Low Calorie Waffle Recipe. Still, actually if you have your favourite homemade waffle recipe which is completely yummy and fluffy, you can still use the recipe by making some modification there. So, you will get the great taste waffle which is suitable to your taste.

That can be such a good idea for you to try for getting the yummy yet healthier and low calorie waffle for you and your family. Still, below, we are going to discuss some ideas and tips of the Low Calorie Waffle Recipe which can be simply tried by any of you who want to be healthier and better.

Low Calorie Waffle Recipe
There are some ideas of the waffle recipes which are yummy and of course any of you have your own favourite waffle recipe which is often used for making your own homemade waffle at home. However, what about the Low Calorie Waffle Recipe? Of course, the low calorie waffle or pancake can be much healthier and that can be the on-diet people friendly breakfast which can be chosen to be tried. Still, we can enjoy the yummy taste of the waffle. Here is one of the ideas of the healthier waffle recipe with the low calorie. The waffle which is using this recipe below has the calorie about 335.

The Ingredients:

  • 4 egg white (you can also replace it with 2 whole eggs/ the white and yolk)
  • ½ table spoon vanilla
  • ½ cup of cottage cheese
  • A half cup of oatmeal (grind the oatmeal so that it has the powdered textured)
  • A pinch of cinnamon powder

The Steps:

  1. Mix all the ingredients above properly. You can use the whisk for beating all the ingredients properly. Still, you need to be sure that the entire oatmeal which you use is already grinded into the powdered or smooth texture.
  2. If you are going to store the battle in the refrigerator, you can simply let the batter stand for couples of minutes, about ten minutes, and then keep it in the air tight container and keep it in the refrigerator.
  3. Then, you can cook the batter using a little bit oil or even margarine for brushing the surface of the waffle iron plate. Then, cook the waffle properly till it is well done.

Tips for Getting a Low Calorie Waffle

There are some tips which you also can try for getting the healthy Low Calorie Waffle Recipe. Actually, if you have your favourite waffle recipe, you can simply try it by modifying a little bit from the actual recipe of the waffle. If you have no idea on how to modify the waffle recipe to be much healthier and have the lower calorie, here are some tips which you can easily try anytime.

One of the tips is by replacing the milk which has the high calorie into the milk cream or we also often call it as creamer. That will give the taste of milk but with the lower calorie. So, you still can get the good taste of your healthier and lower calorie.

Another idea which you can try is replacing the flour with wheat or oatmeal. That can be seen on the recipe above which uses the oatmeal as the replacement of flour. You can grind the oatmeal for getting the flour-like texture. Still, you might find the result of the waffle which has a little bit different texture and taste.

Another tip that you can try for making the healthier and also low calorie waffle is by reducing the portion of sugar. For the waffle, it is still okay using no sugar or even less sugar since we can simply get the sweet topping to be chosen as like sweet fruits.

You can also replace the use of butter for your waffle batter with the lower calories ingredients which can replace the function of butter but still give the good taste of the waffle. Some of the ideas are by replacing butter with Greek yoghurt or even the cream cheese. Butter has the high calories, of course, since in a table spoon of butter, the calories are about 1625 with the fat which is about 180 grams. That is why it is better to replace it with the lower calorie ingredients.

You can also make your waffle or pancake to be much healthier, for example by adding some vegetables into the waffle batter. You can add spinach, kale, broccoli, carrot, or any other else. That will be the tasty savoury Low Calorie Waffle Recipe to be tried.

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