Mess Free Hamilton-Beach for A Clean Kitchen

Mess Free Hamilton-Beach for A Clean Kitchen

Nobody likes a dirty kitchen. But, it is a little be challenging to keep everything clean while cooking waffles. Thus, the Hamilton-Beach 26040 Mess Free Belgian-Waffle Maker offers you a mess free solution to cook waffles. It can be one of your waffle iron references.

Mess free waffle iron

The best description we can give to this Hamilton-Beach waffle iron is a mess free waffle maker. The waffle maker comes with practical design with a large rounded waffle plate. The waffle plate is deep enough to hold a large amount of batter, but still we can pour a little less Belgian-Waffle batter to make extra crispy waffle. Just like the other waffle plates that are manufactured with nonstick grid, but the plate is a specific pattern and design that makes it possible for us to break the waffle into eight waffle sticks.

Since it is an electrical waffle maker, it also has indicator light to tell you when the waffle is done. Different from the other electrical waffle makers that comes with more advance design, this Hamilton-Beach waffle iron comes with simplest design ever. The round design comes only some inches thicker than the plate.

Strengths and weaknesses

To be able to use the waffle maker, we should know the strengths and the weaknesses well. The best strength of this waffle iron is its design. It has practical and minimalist design with natural iron color. The waffle iron comes with basic features so it is physically slimmer and smaller than the common waffle makers. The plate is also quite deep and nonstick. It is able to hold more batter and very easy to clean. However, we have to be aware that the waffle maker is not really an automatic waffle maker. We have to be able to make perfect batter. For example, you have to be able to add the right amount of oil or butter to the waffle iron to define the crispiness of the waffles. There are also three different kind of time settings, the 5, 6, and 7 – 12 minute settings. The time would also determine the tenderness and the crispiness of the Belgian-waffle.

Use it right

But still, this Hamilton-Beach waffle maker can be a great waffle maker for you who love Belgian-Waffle with your own batter and taste. Most costumers found that the waffle maker is practical. The non-automatic setting even make us free to set the waffle maker to cook our delicious waffles. Some costumers suggest the use of a pre-measured scoop to get a perfect amount of waffle batter. The grids are quite deep. We can pour half of the grids with the batter for a perfect waffle. For you who want tender and soft waffles, you just have to cook it in between 5 to 6 minutes. With the same batter, you can get extra crispy waffle if you cook it in between 7 to 12 minutes. But, you need to add extra oil to the grids. The deep grids would prevent any drips for a super clean waffle iron.

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