Must Have 3 in 1 Grill for Easy Cooking Every Day

Must Have 3 in 1 Grill for Easy Cooking Every Day

Modern people nowadays mostly have more dynamic life with many daily activities to do. The busy days demand the people to be able cooking healthy foods in a short time. You can have much easier life if you have great appliances to support your cooking time. For such great demand, you can have George Foreman Grill System that can become an appliance that revolutionize the kitchen to make various delicious foods in a fast process.

Product Description  

81z+Yp3SmcL._SL1500_This grill system comes with convenience and versatile plate system that is also removable. It has 2 ceramic grill plates that is useful for grilling in conventional way. Besides, it also has nonstick waffle plates that will be perfect to make delicious breakfasts.

With the premium features of this grill, you can use it to make almost all kinds of menu for more special meals every day. The searing burst can be up to 500 degree so the foods resulted will be like restaurant menu. Besides, enjoy the accurate cooking time with the features of temperature controls and digital timing. It is also designed with adjustable hinge so it can accommodate meats, sandwiches and vegetables, even in the tick cuts. With such modern grill, you will get much easiness to cook kinds of meals in your modern daily life.

Product Features

There are various features that can be had in this 3 in 1 grill system, such as:

  • Ceramic grill plates that can be used to cook delicious foods including steaks, chicken, burgers and also kinds of vegetable dishes. Besides, it is also applicable to make grilled sandwiches and Panini.
  • When you need high temperature to cook certain meals, this grill system has 500 degree Searing Burst. The raised temperature can last up to 90 seconds so the restaurant-like meals can be made at your home.
  • Control Panel in digital technology. It will display the grill temperature (in 325 – 450 degree of range, and also searing burst up to 500 degree) and the cooking time. The buttons of the control panel are easy to clean because they are level with the grill exterior.
  • Advanced Ceramic Coat. The grill plates are coated with nonstick ceramic material in multi layers. The ceramic coating is easy to cleanup as well as nonstick so you can cook with less butter or oil. The ceramic coated plates are free of PTFE and PFOA.
  • Removable Design of the Plates. After you finish cooking, you can remove the plates easily and then clean it manually or clean with dishwasher safely. Besides, the grill plate also has cool touch release feature that enables you to handle it easily including when it is still warm.

For the great features and functions, you should have this electric grill system as one of your cooking appliances in the kitchen. The 3 in 1 function is perfect for modern people with dynamic life like you. It will also make you save much space for you don’t have many more appliances for cooking. It will enable you to cook kinds of meals easily every day.

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