A Perfect Mini Waffle Maker for A Quick Serve

A Perfect Mini Waffle Maker for A Quick Serve

A quick served waffle for breakfast can be the highest point of anyone’s day. You can have a piece of waffle only for you with the Dash Mini Waffle Maker. When the other waffle makers offer the costumers double size or pieces of waffle, Dash gets you exactly the opposite offer, a single waffle for a single person. Want this waffle iron? You should learn about it more.

It is more than a small waffle maker
If you think that the DMW001SL is only a small waffle maker, you would be wrong. Dash gets you a multi-function mini waffle iron. This waffle comes with standardized features so everyone can easily learn how to use it. It has an indicator light on the outside part that will turn on when the waffle is done. The cooking plates are designed with non-stick surface that allows us to take the waffle out easily as well as to clean the plates after cooking.

Dash manufactures their product with automatic setting. The electric waffle iron has automatic heating element. It means, we do not have to reset the heating element to adjust the temperature. After the pre – heating, the waffle maker would automatically adjust the temperature elements which are connected to the indicator light. As a bonus, the company gives you a recipe book for free when you buy their mini waffle iron.

Costumers’ review
Most customers seem to be happy with this product. They gave Dash 5 out of 5 stars to rate their mini waffle maker. It means, the costumers think that the product is indeed perfect or at least, they got everything which is offered in its ad. Almost all costumers said that this waffle maker is a great product for it is small but able to cook them great breakfast quickly every morning. The product comes with 7.1 x 5.6 x 3.6 inches for its dimension. The small dimension makes us easier to store it even in a smallest kitchen. The simple design with silver color would gets your kitchen modern and futuristic theme.

The best part of this product is its excellent functions. When most waffle irons would only allow you to cook waffles, the mini waffle iron from Dash allows you various kind of waffles such as blueberry or chocolate waffle and even pancake. Not just one type of pancake, the product even allows you to make potato pancake that is moist and soft.

The automatic heating elements would adjust the temperature to cook the batter in around three minutes. If you want a piece of soft waffle, you can just pour the waffle with less butter and oil. Don’t worry, the non-stick surface would keep your waffle safe. But, for you who want super crispy waffle, you can just apply a little extra butter or oil to the cooking plates before pouring the batter.

For both soft and extra crispy waffles, you can get golden waffle without burning any part of the waffle. The only minus of this product maybe the size of the waffle. It can be problem when you have to serve extra waffles for breakfast with this mini waffle maker.

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