Practical and Easy to Clean Waffle Maker from Hamilton Beach

People would always love practical and easy to clean waffle makers. Cooking waffle maybe fun and easy, but cleaning the iron and the dropped batter can be the lest fun task in the kitchen. The practical and easy to clean idea makes Hamilton Beach offer you the Hamilton Beach adjustable browning waffle maker. It can be a great waffle maker reference.

About the adjustable browning

Basically, Hamilton Beach offer you an easy clean up electric waffle makers. It comes with common features like an indicator light, nonstick grids, and adjustable browning setting. These are the general features that most waffle makers have. But, with the same features Hamilton Beach improve their product with some special functions such as the removable grids and a high cover around the hinge that makes everyone can clean this product easily and fast.

Strengths and weaknesses

For people who love clean kitchen and practical utensils this Hamilton Beach waffle maker must be a perfect product. But still, this product has its own strengths and weaknesses. This Hamilton Beach waffle iron has several main strengths such as it is very practical. Different from most waffle makers that come with fix grids or irons, this waffle maker has removable grids.

It means, you can take out the grids and wash it in your kitchen sink after cooking your waffles. This product also comes with high hinge cover. This cover would prevent the batter to drop to outside the grids. With deeper grids and high cover, you can make thick waffle without messing up the batter wen you are pouring it. So, you can worry no more about any messy drips while using the Hamilton Beach waffle iron.

However, there are some weaknesses that you should be aware of. First, it takes longer time to heat up. Some costumers said that this products takes much longer times than the other similar products. It means you have to prepare the waffle iron way earlier before cooking. Second, the removable grids creates a little space in between the grids and the electrical utensils so it takes longer times for cooking the waffles.

Third, some costumers found that it is a little bit difficult for us to cook a perfect waffle with this waffle maker. The main problem is the heat may become uneven so, the bottom of the waffle can be perfectly crispy, but the upper part can be a little under-cooked. This problem can be solved if we can rotate the waffle maker. Unfortunately, Hamilton Beach waffle iron is not rotate-able. To avoid uneven waffle, it is very important for us to close the waffle maker until it reached the perfect heat to cook the batter.

The last weakness is all the handles go hot. Though the waffle maker is practical, but it can be a little bit dangerous, especially if you let children to make their waffle by themselves. Even for adults the hot handles can be dangerous. We need some clothes or oven mittens to hold the handles when the waffle is done. Most people would place this practical waffle maker on the heat-resistant surface for safety reasons.

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