Simple Belgian Waffle Recipe

Simple Belgian Waffle Recipe

Info, Tips, and Ideas of Belgian Waffle Recipe
Hunting Waffle Recipe Belgian might be something which many of you are doing now so that here you are now. That is such an interesting thing for getting the wide ranges of ideas regarding to the yummy breakfast with the Belgian waffle. Of course many of us have been familiar with the idea of the Belgian waffle since it becomes really popular more and more. However, many people actually still have no idea about what actually Belgian waffle is.

Then, it is such the good thing for any of you to really understand about that well first so that you will have a bunch of ideas before you make such the yummy breakfast of the Belgian waffle. That will be a good idea for any of you who are going to try the yummy Belgian waffle recipe in your own kitchen as a simple breakfast for you and your family.

Waffle is always a good idea for the simple breakfast since we can make the batter simply in the previous day and then keep it in the refrigerator and it is ready to be cooked in the morning or anytime you need or want it. That is such that simple so that waffle and pancake become everybody’s favourite breakfast ever.

Waffle and pancake actually has the similar taste and also the batter. If you often use the ready to use premix for making waffle or pancake, why don’t you try to make it your own. Of course, it can also be healthier for you and your kids since it is completely homemade and less of preservative use. The idea and info below might be the helpful thing for you to get the idea of making yummy Belgian waffle.

What is Belgian Waffle?



Before you go hunting the idea of the Waffle Belgian Recipe, it is such a good idea to know first about what Belgian waffle is actually. Actually the term of Belgian waffle becomes really popular in America and now it becomes popular in any countries in the world.

In general, Belgian waffle which becomes really popular firstly in America is a kind of waffle which has the character of batter that is lighter. The squares of the waffle are also larger than the common one. The pockets of this waffle are also deeper. Those characters which have been mentioned regarding to the Belgian waffle is compared to the conventional American waffle.

The Belgian waffle is actually not really that different from the ordinary ones. That is originally and commonly leavened with the use of yeast. However, in today’s Belgian waffle, it is with baking powder as well. It is based on how the person makes the waffle. What about Belgian waffle in Belgium? Actually there is no waffle there which is called as the Belgian waffle even though we can find a lot of types of waffle there as like Leige waffles, Brussels waffles, and many others.

The Various Ideas of Belgian Waffle Topping
When you are hunting the Waffle Recipe Belgian, of course you will find a lot of types of the recipes out there. They have their own version. Commonly, you will get the batter recipe of the Belgian waffle since the topping can be anything you desire to be enjoyed.

It is based on the taste since any of you has the different taste which is different from one to another. Still, there are so many ideas which you can choose for getting the perfect taste of the Belgian waffle which you make. One of them is choosing butter as the topping of the waffle if you love not too sweet taste.

Butter will give a little bit savoury taste to the waffle. That will also make the surface of the waffle looks that glossy and also moist. However, if you want to make it a little bit sweet, sprinkle the refined sugar on the top of your waffle. If you want to get the fresh taste, fresh fruits as like kiwi, strawberry, mango, and many others can be the good choice, vanilla ice cream can also be such a good choice as well.

Basic Belgian Waffle Recipe
Then, that is the time for sharing the yummy Waffle Recipe Belgian for any of you. This is the simple recipe of the waffle batter which is easy to try by anyone.

The ingredients:

  • 200 grams of multi-purpose flour
  • 1 egg (its white and yolk)
  • 30 grams sugar
  • 0.5 tea spoon salt
  • Half cup of milk
  • 50 gram margarine or butter
  • 5 grams instant yeast


  • Anything you want as the topping of the waffle, as like butter, honey, chocolate spread, fresh fruits, ice cream, whipped cream, and any others.

How to cook:

  1. Take about five table spoon milk and mix with a tea spoon of sugar and also the yeast. The milk can be heated first and let it to be warm before mixed with the yeast in order to wake the yeast up. Wait till it becomes foamy.
  2. Mix the flour, egg, sugar, yeast mixture which has been made, and milk. Mix it well and pour the salt and also margarine or butter which has been melted well before.
  3. Mix the batter well and then let it stand for about an hour. Then, after that it is ready to be cooked or even you can store it in the refrigerator.
  4. To cook the batter, you only need to pour it into the waffle maker, then enjoy it with any toppings you want as like butter, maple syrup, honey, fresh fruits, ice cream, and many others.

Tips of Fluffy and Yummy Belgian Waffle
The Waffle Recipe Belgian above is an idea of the simple Belgian waffle recipe which anyone can try. Still, any of you can improve it well since it also becomes the basic type of the waffle batter. If you want to get the fluffy texture Belgian waffle with the yummy taste, you can use the buttermilk. That is great for making your waffle to be moist. It can be great to replace the milk. The buttermilk can be obtained by mixing milk with vinegar or you can also use lemon or lime juice and then let it stand for couples of minutes. Then it is ready to be used for your waffle batter. You can also try finding the idea of the Waffle Recipe Belgian which uses the buttermilk.

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