Smart Planet for Soft Pretzel Every Morning

Smart Planet for Soft Pretzel Every Morning

Serving soft pretzels for breakfast is an amazing idea. It would get us a perfect day. But, not all people are able to make perfect soft pretzels, especially if we are too busy to stay in the kitchen longer in the morning. To answer your need, Smart Planet offers you the SPM 2 Super Pretzel Maker.

More about the product

The Smart Planet offers you a pretzel maker that is able to make five soft pretzels quickly. This SuperPretzel allows you to make pretzels with various kind of recipes. The simple design with round shape and yellow color can be a great touch to your kitchen. The simple design gets you five different pods so you can make 5 pretzels at one time.

This pretzel maker has some features such as the nonstick pods that are very easy to clean. For you who have no experience at making your own waffles, the Smart Planet offers you an easy to follow recipe booklet. The Smart Planet pretzel maker also comes with a small pod to keep hot cheese or any sauce you would like to have to eat your waffle. But, before buying this pretzel maker, you should know the pros and cons of this easy pretzel maker.

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The pros and cons of this pretzel maker are balances one to another. Based on the customers’ reviews, this product gets 3 out of 5 stars. The best pro of the pretzel maker from Smart Planet is its practicality. It is very easy to use. The product comes with great setting and easy timer to make pretzel. It also comes with non-stick formula. It makes the batter cooked well without any of the batter stick to the iron. The melting pod is also a great place to put hot and melting cheese.

On the other hand, there are also some cons that you have to consider before buying this super pretzel maker. Some costumers’ found that it is a little bit difficult to make super soft pretzels. It may be caused by the small size of the pretzel makers. A lot of people believe it needs a bigger size to cook softer pretzels.  Some people also found that the recipe that comes with product is less practical than it should be. It takes extra time to prepare the ingredients and to prepare the pretzel maker.

It can be a great product

Although it is difficult to claim this product to be the best pretzel maker, it still can be a great product. Despite the weaknesses that we should be aware of, the product is good for people who are really able to cook waffle. Based on the costumers’ reviews, the weaknesses of the products are mainly about the texture of the pretzels. But, for any pretzel experts this product can be a great product to cook pretzels in the morning. People who can make perfect batter for smaller size pretzels, the Smart Planet pretzel maker can be the most practical product to make pretzel.

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