Special Product for Modern Users to Make Bubble Waffles

Special Product for Modern Users to Make Bubble Waffles

It must be interesting to make more special waffles in unique shape of large hexagon and bubble look. It will become an interesting alternative for the boring classic waffles look. To make such unique waffles, CucinaPro Bubble Waffle Maker can be a perfect product to use. It will be perfect if you want to always serve special waffles for your family’s breakfasts. On the other hand, it will also perfect for those who want to build a restaurant with special waffle as one of the menu.

The Product’s Features

There are some features that make this waffle maker more special, such as:

  • Unique surface shape’s design that enables you to make waffles in bubble shape.
  • Closing mechanism that are easy to lock.
  • Power indicator that is shown by light.
  • Nonstick coating on the cooking plates’ surface that ease you to release the waffles and easy to clean by only wiping it up.

Product Description

This waffle make from CucinaPro is a product that will enable you to make more special waffles. By using delicious waffle recipe, you can make it special like you found in vendors with their special menu of waffles. The main uniqueness of this product is the design that will result unique waffles; in hexagon shape in large size and bubbled texture.

Making Special Waffles with This Waffle Maker

51gKuUBWAFLThis waffle maker is also perfect to make eggettes or egg waffles that have tender and light interior but delicious crispy outsides in golden brown color. This kind of waffle or pancake is very popular in Macao and Hong Kong; served in many sidewalk vendors there since 1950s. This food is also called egg puff, bubble waffle, egg waffle or the local people call it as Gai Daan.

Now you can make the same special waffles by yourself; make it as one of the menu served in your restaurant or only serve it as special breakfast for the family members. It is so easy to make the waffles from simple ingredients such as eggs, flour, sugar, and milk. However, you should find the recipe first to know the right amount of each ingredient to use so you can make special waffle results. For more special taste, top the waffles with kinds of fresh fruits, jams, chocolate, coconut sprinkles, etc.

In Chinatowns of United Stated, eggettes are commonly called as Hong Kong cakes. In 1950s, the waffles were traditionally made by using coal fire heating and special round frying pan with wells that make textured waffles. It was favorite street snacks in Hong Kong and also in Chinatowns until nowadays. Today, the modern life has changed the waffles making but not the recipe. It is still a favorite street snack but made with electric waffle irons. The waffles are also available in various flavors including chocolate, ginger, green tea, etc.

Now you can make the eggettes or Hong Kong waffles as a variation of breakfast menu for the family. It will be more special and interesting for the unique shape and texture. By having the special waffle maker, you can make the special waffles anytime.

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