Traditional Waffle Iron to Bake Real Waffles

Traditional Waffle Iron to Bake Real Waffles

Today we can find countless modern electric waffle makers in the market. Yet, some people still find that the traditional waffle iron is the only waffle maker to cook real waffles. Though it is a little bit harder to find this traditional waffle iron, we can still get it from the Rome’s Original waffle iron.

The traditional Rome’s Original

Do not think about any unique or cute cooking plates designs. Rome’s Original offers you exactly the opposite design of waffle iron. This is a real waffle iron with 6 ¾ inches length of diameter cooking head. The round shape cooking plates would get you a round waffle with 4 cutting. The overall length of this product is only 10 inches. So we can really easily carry and keep this waffle iron.

Offering traditional and old fashion waffle style do not mean the Rome’s Original forgetting the safety. The waffle iron is manufactured with great hinge that is easy to handle and has cool-touch side. Since it has no electric component, this waffle maker allows us to cook the waffle traditionally. It works well on gas stove and the burner camp. The round shape makes this waffle iron just like pan. We can always heat this old fashioned waffle iron up on the gas stove.

Pros and cons

Of course there are always pros and cons. For you who like making the real traditional waffle this waffle iron is just perfect. It comes in real iron material to get you perfect taste of traditional waffle. Since it has no automatic features, we can always use this waffle iron to bake any kind of waffles. The old fashioned materials would keep the temperature and the shape of your waffle exactly like the original waffles.

This waffle iron is also very practical. The design of this waffle iron is quite small. We can always store it even in the smallest kitchen cabinet. Since it works well on the burner camp both the 1 or 2 burner camp, it can be the best and the most practical cooking utensil to cook waffle outdoor. Though it does not come with non stick coated cooking surface, we can still easily clean the waffle iron. It has no electrical component, we can always soak it in soap or even hot water.

However, for people who never cook traditional waffle with old fashioned waffle iron, this Rome’s Original waffle iron can be a problem. We have to bake the waffle manually. Like any kind of waffle iron, we have to pre heat the waffle iron we can cook. Since it is a traditional waffle iron, it has no indicator lights to tell us whether the cooking plates is ready to use. In addition, we have to set the temperature manually. It has no temperature control, so we have to able to guess whether it has been hot enough. At last, we also have to able to add a perfect amount of butter or oil to the cooking plates to make sure we get perfect traditional waffle taste and texture.

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