Waffle Hacks for Light and Crispy Waffle Recipe

Waffle Hacks for Light and Crispy Waffle Recipe

Is there any secret ingredients for a Crispy Waffle Recipe? It can be pretty tricky. In fact, you will not find any unusual ingredient to cook some delicious crispy waffle. But, of course there are some waffle hacks to make the usual ingredients make you special waffle for breakfast.

Start with a simple recipe

First, you have to start cooking waffle with a simple recipe with usual ingredient such as:

¾ cup of all-purpose flour

½ tsp salt

¼ tsp baking soda

½ tsp baking powder

¾ cup milk (the buttermilk is perfect)

¼ cup whole milk

2 small size eggs or 1 extra large egg

1 tbs sugar

½ tsp vanilla extract (optional, you can replace it with cinnamon powder if your want)

¼ cup cornstarch (the ingredient for super crispy texture)

Cook it right

After preparing all the ingredients, you can start cooking the waffle. Follow these following steps to make sure you cooking a light and crispy waffle:

  1. Separate the eggs before preparing the other ingredients. It will leave the eggs some times to rest. Resting the egg makes it easier to beat into stiff peaks.
  2. While resting the egg, you can combine the dry ingredients, the flour, salt, cornstarch, baking soda and baking powder in a bowl. Mix all the dry ingredients thoroughly. Then, blend some vegetable oil (about 4 tablespoons) with all milks with the beaten egg yolks. Let it rest for a while.
  3. Since you are going to cook some light and crispy waffle, it would be much better to use an oven. Preheat your oven to 200 degrees while you beat the egg whites into stiff peaks and add the sugar and vanilla (if you want) to the soft egg whites. Mix it until you get glossy and firm egg whites.
  4. Slowly, you can pour the liquid ingredients to the dry ingredients and blend them. Just use a rubber spatula. It would help you whisk the dry and liquid ingredients gently so you would get perfect waffle batter.
  5. Leave the batter for a while. You can preheat the waffle iron for some seconds then spray a little vegetable oil to the whole iron surface before poring some waffle batter. Do not pour too much batter, if you use an 8-inch waggle iron, 1 ½ cups of batter would be the perfect amount.
  6. Cook the waffle until the indicator shows that your waffle is done
  7. The last step is the most important secret for the crispy waffles. Transfer the waffle to the preheated oven and bake it for 4 minutes. It would make your simple Crispy Waffle Recipe get you crispy texture on the outside, but soft in the inside.

Most people would love to have some topping for their waffles. You can have it too. Serve the waffles with maple syrup, honey, chocolate syrup, or strawberries and blueberries jam and fresh fruits.

Waffle hacks for a perfect crispiness

So what really makes the crispiness of the waffle? There are some waffle hacks you should know to always make your waffle perfectly crispy.

Crunchy ingredients

Most people would love to add some crunchy ingredient to their waffle batter to make it crispy. The recipe above add some cornstarch as the crunchy ingredient. In fact, you do not have to always have cornstarch. You can replace it with malt or replace the whole milk with malted milk product. You can even replace it with a pinch of oatmeal or cornmeal if you love the flavor. The crunchy ingredient would make the batter lighter so it is a little airy but still soft.

Minimum steam

With exactly the same Crispy Waffle Recipe, you can make more crispy waffle when you have the waffle minimum steam. The steam would add a little extra water to the waffle that reduces the crispiness. That is why you have to rest the egg for a while and make sure you pour a perfect amount of batter to the waffle iron. To reduce the steam to the minimum level, it is also suggested for you to always use fresh ingredients such as fresh flour and eggs that have never been stored in the fridge. Poor quality ingredients, especially eggs, would have more air and water that produce more steam. Cold ingredients, when you have them stored in the fridge, would also make more steam when it is cooked in heat.

Refrigerate the batter

On the other hand, refrigerating the batter would get you much different waffle from using refrigerated ingredients. You can just prepare the batter at night before cooking the batter in the morning and leave it in the fridge for a night. The batter would be cold and sometimes have a little ice punch. The cold batter would add more crispiness to the outside part of your waffle but leave the inside part soft for it would get done slower than the batter with normal temperature.

Caramelize the sugar

It may take another effort, but caramelizing the sugar would get you more crispy and soft waffle. The caramelized sugar dissolves faster and much more perfect to the batter. If you caramelize it until you get dark golden color, surely it would also add rich flavor and color to your waffles. Some people even replace the sugar with brown sugar for more crispy waffles. But, you have to make sure you know that brown sugar get you totally different taste.

Flipping waffle irons

It is a great decision when you choose flipping waffle irons over the conventional one. The flipping waffle irons allows you to flip the iron so the undone batter would go over the other side. It would help you cook the waffle faster and get it perfectly done. You can get your waffle cook a little longer than its actual cooking time if you flip the waffle irons more frequently. But, you have to make sure that you spray extra oil or dab some butter to your flipping waffle iron, otherwise the batter would stick. Even with similar Crispy Waffle Recipe you can get much different waffle texture.

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