Waffle Maker Ice Cream Cone Reviews

Waffle Maker Ice Cream Cone Reviews

img73lAn Opinion:
The Chef’s Choice 838 waffle cone express ice cream cone maker inspires to give its users a professional cooking experience at their kitchen. The unit is manufactured with advanced technology and ready to cater to all your waffle making needs. One great experience of having ice cream is to serve it in a warm waffle cone. The ice cream melts slightly and gives you a different taste altogether. The unit is very easy to work with. The browning feature ensures that you get your desirable waffle color. The unit is powerful and can bake full-size waffles in just a couple of minutes. The locking latches of the contraption also ensure that the thickness is maintained properly. The price is pocket-friendly and is a definite buy for your kitchen usages.

The advantages

  • The Chef’s Choice 838 waffle cone express ice cream cone maker is very energy efficiency and cooks waffles faster than normal contraptions.
  • The unit is easy to clean
  • The price is very convenient for the pockets
  • The unit allows you to quickly adjust the temperature just to get your desirable color in your waffles.
  • The baking plate is allows baking waffles of 7 inches every single time.
  • The indicators will tell you when the baking plate is ready and also when the waffle is baked.
  • The stainless steel covers ensure adequate heat distribution
  • The unit is also very durable and if properly used can last for a long period
  • The unit also does not need much space for accommodation and thus proves to be adequate for small-sized kitchens

The disadvantages:

  • There are a few customers who state that the waffles did not come out right. Some places were undercooked while some areas were fried
  • There are also some who have complained that the non-stick nature of the baking plate deteriorated in just a couple weeks of usage.

The manufacturers have tried to provide to their customers a product which is simple to use and which guarantees consistent quality. This waffle maker has all the latest features which you want. The indication lights let you know that the baking plate is ready. The unit is a 1000 watt appliance but bakes waffles very quickly. This baby is right up there among the best appliances in the realm.

The style is simple yet captivating. The modernistic appeal of this waffle maker will surely please your eyes and will prove to be a perfect option for any given kitchen interior

The stainless steel cover is very durable and does not rise when the baking is taking place. Tests have been conducted regarding its toughness and longevity. The unit is also electricity safe, dust resistant and also moisture repellant.

As for the extras, the unit weight is only 5 pounds and the dimension in inches is 12.3×11.5×3.9 inches. You also get a recipe book and an instruction manual within the package.

Warranty and repairs
The unit comes with a year of warranty and the company also gives you a dedicated customer care group to assist you with your queries. You can call them up when some problem takes place with your unit and claim for the warranty.

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