Waffle Maker to Tell You When to Cook

Waffle Maker to Tell You When to Cook

For some people the first time making waffles can be a little bit difficult. But, it will not be a problem since Alpine waffle iron released a product to tell you whether the waffle maker is ready and when to start cooking. It can be a great product for us too.

About this product

This waffle maker comes with some features that different from the others. Some features are just like the standardized features. It comes with non stick surface so we do not have to worry about taking out the waffles when they are done. The cooking plates are also easy to clean and to lift off.

The other features that makes it different from the other makers are the temperature control and the indicator lights. The temperature control is much easier to set. We just need to turn the button to set the temperature. The indicator lights are designed with two LED lights, one light to tell you whether the power is on and the other to tell you when the waffle maker is ready to use so you can add the batter.

This Alpina SF-2611 also comes with great safety features. Though the cooking plates can be very hot, the housing has cool-touch system. In the bottom of the product, we can find non skid feet that support the waffle iron to stay still even on ceramic or porcelain coated surface. With simple design, we can easily store this product even in a small storage.

What the costumers say

Most of the costumers found this product is quite good. It is rated 3 out of 5 stars by the costumers. The pros and cons seem to be fair. This waffle maker is practical, especially for people who just make waffles for the first time. People found that the indicator light are very helpful. Like the any other waffle makers, we need to pre-heat the waffle iron before cooking. We do not need too much time to heat up the cooking plate. When the waffle iron is ready the light indicator will tell us, so we can add the batter in the exact time.

Another great part of the waffle maker is its safety features and the temperature control. The safety features like the non skid feet and cool-touch housing make the waffle iron safe even for children. With the temperature control, we can adjust the temperature so we can make crispy and soft waffle with the same product.

Unfortunately, this Alpina electric waffle maker is only manufactured for 200 volt electricity. It means, some countries the waffle maker only works in 200 V countries. We cannot use this product in non 220 V country like in the USA and Japan. Though this product seems practical and easy to use, some costumers thought that the quality if this waffle iron is just not good enough. Will lower quality materials, the waffle iron may not stay last as long as the other product with similar features but better material quality.

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