Waring Belgian-Waffle Maker: It Makes Your A Professional

Waring Belgian-Waffle Maker: It Makes Your A Professional

All Belgian-Waffle lovers should try the double Belgian-Waffle maker from Waring. It is the Waring WWM1200PCFR Double Belgian-Waffle Maker. Until today, this product is claimed to be one of the best waffle iron to cook Belgian-Waffle that has crispy texture on the outside but soft inside. Let’s learn more about this product.

Make you a professional wafer maker

Most people feel that it is difficult to cook perfect Belgian-Waffles. There are some features that would be very helpful for you. This product comes with double cooking plates. Both cooking side has extra deep iron that makes it possible for everyone to make two super thick waffles at one time. The extra deep iron would make soft texture, but crispy and brown in the outside.

This double waffle maker also comes with some special features. First, it has rotate-able iron for both side that can be rotated up to 180 degrees. This feature would help you to rotate the batter so it can be evenly baked. Second, it comes with multi indicator lights. There two LED lights that would turn on when each waffle is done, and the three light would beep so you can also hear it tells you that the waffles are done.

This Waring electric waffle iron also has a browning control knob. This feature would be very helpful for you since it makes you possible to set the waffle maker to cook the batter up to particular browning level.

Costumers’ reviews

Based on the previous costumers’ review, the double waffle maker from Waring is a great product. It is rated as an almost perfect waffle maker to cook Belgian-Waffle. The costumers said that they found the product is easy to use. It comes with simple features, but perfect designs. With its simple features such as the browning control and the light indicators, we can make two perfect waffles at one time. The extra-deep waffle iron is the best part of the design.

It makes everyone possible to pour the right amount of waffle batter without measuring how much the batter manually. Since it is able to hold more batter, we can cook thicker and softer waffles. Though the waffles are thicker than usual waffles, 1 inch thick, we do not have to worry about uneven ripeness. The waffle makes comes with automatic setting that would adjust provide the right heat to cook the waffle. We can also rotate both waffle irons at any time.

Another great point is that this Waring Belgian-Waffle maker is very easy to clean. The design makes us possible to open both iron widely so we can easily take out the waffle and clean it. Even if we want the softest waffle with minimum oil, we can still easily clean the left waffle and batter that are stuck to the iron.

The only minus point of this Waring waffle maker is that it is quite big. It has 16.8 x 10.4 x 10.4 inches for its dimension. It can be a little problem for a super small kitchen or for a kitchen that has no big storage to keep the waffle maker. But still, Waring waffle maker is one of the best electric waffle iron.

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