Waring Pro WMK200 Belgian Waffle maker Reviews

Waring Pro WMK200 Belgian Waffle maker Reviews

wmk200_ls_285pxAn Opinion:
Searching the market you will find that waffle makers come in all shapes, sizes and features. If it so happens that you are looking for one, then the Waring Pro WMK200 Belgian Waffle Maker is the one you should focus on. The contraption allows you to bake waffles in restaurant style with an extra 1-inch depth. The unit is easy to handle with a rotary feature and that allows the waffle to be cooked thoroughly. The unit is very powerful and cooks very quickly thereby saving time as well as valuable electricity. The Waring Pro manufacturers always do come up with inventive products now and then and this just happens to be their latest. A must have kitchen contraption. The price of it is also cost effective, plus there is warranty.

The advantages
1. The Waring Pro WMK200 Belgian Waffle Maker gives you delicious waffles with 1inch depth every single time.
2. The unit is easy to work with, and its rotary features ensure that the batter is cooked properly on all its sides.
3. The unit is also tested to be energy efficient and makes way for faster and healthy cooking
4. The price of the unit is also cost effective
5. The unit is very easy to wipe and clean
6. The temperature can be adjusted owing to its six adjustment settings
7. The Blue LED indicators make you aware that the baking plate is ready, and as the baking is done, the lights will also inform you that it is time to bring out the waffles and plate them up.
8. The stainless steel housing or lid keeps the waffles well covered and ensures that heat is transmitted to all parts of the waffle
9. The unit is also very lightweight and hence can be taken to places easily.
10. It is also very easy to put away as it does not require a lot of space for accommodation.

The disadvantages:
1. Some users have raised questions regarding its reliability
2. Some users have also said that their waffles were not well baked
3. Few have also stated that the top plate fell off while plugging in.

The unit has a host of essential features which you will find helpful. Along with the ones above, the unit also comprises of a drip tray to catch the extra batter and keep things clean. You can also use the measuring cup for pouring the right amount of batter for your waffles. The LED indicators tell you when the plate is ready and also when the waffles are baked. The unit is also energy efficient. A definite appliance for every kitchen

The Waring Pro is one of the elite manufacturers of kitchen appliances, and every one of their items is an epitome of style and efficiency. The WMK200 Belgian Waffle Maker model has a classic look and will beautify any given kitchen.

The unit is tough and resistant to dust, moisture and also scratches. The brushed stainless steel covers, a strong framework, and its long lasting nature makes it a good buy.

The extra features include its weight which is 5 pounds and also its dimension which is 9.8x 14.8x 9.8inches. The unit can be washed or cleaned with a normal piece of cloth.

Warranty and repairs
The contraption will hold a warranty, and you can avail that if something wrong happens. The great thing is that the company has a great customer care service, and you can contact them to claim your product warranty in the impending time.

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