Waring Waffle Maker for Double Belgian Waffles

Waring Waffle Maker for Double Belgian Waffles

A lot of people would love to enjoy warm waffles for breakfast. The day will even more perfect to start with soft and gold Belgian Waffle. Waring offers you the Waring commercial WW200 for double Belgian waffle to start your day.

Waring’s waffle maker

This waffle maker is manufactured to get you two Belgian waffles in a row quickly. Waring offers you the Belgian waffle maker with specific features. First, it is designed with high quality material. The material supports the waffle maker to have heavy-duty construction that guarantees long durability. Second, it comes with standardized electric waffle maker features. Just like the other waffle maker, this waffle iron also has non stick surface so we can easily the waffles when they are done. In addition, the indicator lights consists of two LED lights to tell you when the waffle maker is ready to use and when the waffles are done with a little beeping voice.

Third, it has Waring special heating element. The heating element comes with great temperature control.  We can easily adjust the temperature to get the exact temperature we need to bake the waffles. At last, though this Waring waffle iron comes with double cooking plates, it has simple design. We can easily store the waffle maker even in a small space since the support for the cooking plates are quite small but strong.

What the costumers say

Based on the costumers’ reviews, the WW200 waffle maker gets 3.3 out 5 stars. Though it does not get a perfect 5 star review, most people seem to be happy with this product. Some costumers even said that this waffle maker gets them excellent waffle texture like waffles at most hotels. But still there are pros and cons about this waffle maker.

The best part about this waffle maker is its double cooking plates. The double cooking plates make us easier to bake double waffles in one cooking. The cooking plates come with extra deep design, but with this extra deep cooking plates, we can still make thin and crispy waffles. It is true that this waffle iron is perfect for Belgian waffles, but we can try countless waffle recipes with this waffle maker.

Some features such the temperature control and the heating elements. These two features allow us to bake waffles in various kind of recipes. We can always adjust the temperature to bake thin crispy. The beeping voice is also quite helpful. Imagine when we have to prepare the waffles and some other menu in the morning. We do not have to stare at the waffle maker all the time. It tells us automatically when the waffles are done.

However, this waffle maker still has some cons. Most costumers seem to be less happy with this waffle maker since they found their Waring waffle maker just stopped working after some months. The reason why the waffle maker just stops working is still unclear. The most common reason why the waffle maker just stop working maybe because the costumers store the waffle maker poorly. The bottom line is though this waring belgian waffle iron is easy to store, still we have to keep it carefully.

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