West Bend 6201 Rotary Waffle Maker Reviews

West Bend 6201 Rotary Waffle Maker Reviews

The only key to bake a perfectly even-cooked waffle is just to rotate the cooking plate. Rotating the cooking plate would move the batter so, the uncooked part would be heat up easily and prevent any side of a super crispy waffle to burn. The rotary waffle maker from West Bend can be a great reference for you.

About the product

This rotary waffle maker is manufactured by West Bend to get you a modern waffle iron that can be rotated. Just like most electric waffle makers, this products come with non stick surface for the cooking plates. But, the cooking plates are different from any other products. They have extra deep design that allows you to cook one inch thick waffle. The plates have 7 inch diameter that makes you able to cook a large round waffle with 4 cut sections.

Do not worry if you feel like you are not a waffle expert. The West Bend 6201 series comes with double light indicators to tell you whether the waffle iron is ready to use and when the waffle is done and ready to serve. This product also have adjustable browning controls so you can cook perfect waffles with perfect golden look.

What people say

It would always be nice to pay attention on what people say about the product before we buy it. Based on the costumers’ reviews this West Bend waffle maker with 4.2 out of 5 stars. There are more positive points than negative points of the product. The easy to rotate waffle iron indeed makes it easier for everybody to cook both soft and thick waffles and crispy waffles.

The design of the cooking plates is also perfect. The design comes with simple curve and deep plates that would be nice to cook and to take out the waffles. Most round and large waffle irons make us difficult to take out the waffle, but this waffle maker is different. The adjustable browning control is also the best part of the waffle iron.

We can adjust the setting of this waffle iron to get our perfect waffles. The design is also practical. It has simple handle to rotate the waffle maker. The product is also safe and able to support the waffle iron very well. Since it is not too big, we can always store the product easily even in a small storage. We don’t have to worry about small kitchen.

The negative sides of the waffle maker is that there is no beeping sound when the waffle is done. It means we have to really pay attention on the waffle maker when cooking. It can be a problem when we have to make the waffles while welcoming guess or cooking another dish. For you who expect a long warrant, West Bend maybe not the most recommended product. It comes with only one year warranty. Even so, it is still one of great products since most costumers agree that the round waffle maker is practical and easy to use.  

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